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Quitting smoking is going to be one of the best decisions you will ever make – in particular if you are pregnant, the health benefits for you and baby will be much greater.

How smoking affects your baby and you

Each time you light up a cigarette and inhale or even breathing in second hand smoking the poisons enter your bloodstream and it travels into the placenta where baby lives. The poisonous chemicals and fumes harm your babys health. When you smoke or inhale second hand smoke it really puts baby at risk and means the risk of glue ear, asthma, leukaemia are largely increased as well as Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUDI). You may have been smoking for some of your pregnancy, quitting now will still make a huge difference to the health of your baby and you. 

Quitline can help you

Quitline offers support through the phone so you can access the team easily-they have a specially designed program just for women who are pregnant and smoking that want to quit. They will be your support throughout your pregnancy and until baby is around 6 weeks old. Quitline can also talk to your partner/family about supporting you to quit and making the home smoke-free. You can call on 0800 778 778.

It is still possible to use nicotine patches, lozenges and gum when you are pregnant. By using any of these it will help to make the cravings easier and are much safer than smoking. When you decide to call Quitline they will send you a card to take to your local chemist for any of the products.

Stay committed to being smokefree

When baby is born it is still just as important to keep smoke free. It will be your first six weeks that will be challenging which is what most women have found out. Even if you are not smoking when baby is with you, the poisons from the chemicals in your cigarettes or anyone else smoking around you will stay in your clothes and hair and baby will be exposed to this. 

I'm Quitting Smoking for Baby and Me

To find out more information about how smoking cigarettes affects your baby and the benefits of quitting, download this resource: I'm Quitting Smoking for Baby and Me.

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