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Young people who have been smoking long term and in an environment where family and friends smoke prefer roll-your-own cigarettes and government have put taxes on tobacco pouches to especially discourage young people smoking by increasing cost. Read more

Plain packaging is less attractive for young people and decreases thoughts about a ‘mysterious’ habit they see others doing. Experimental work has shown that young people who are presented with plain packaging cigarette packets are less attracted to smoking. Youth and adults both are supportive for plain packaging of cigarettes to be put into place in New Zealand. Read more

Young people who have a puff of a cigarette occasionally even just during the weekend are four times at risk of becoming a daily smoker by the time they are in their 30s. Read more

Tobacco Free Generation is quickly becoming a global movement which is aimed at changing laws and not allowing tobacco (and related products) to be sold to young people born in year 2000 onwards and increasing the age of purchase to 25. Read more

A survey taken in Australia to see what anti-tobacco advertising they respond best to involving non-daily smokers, daily smokers and former smokers. Results found all groups are most responsive to images of children who are suffering due to others around who are smoking cigarettes. Read more

Women are a great target market for tobacco companies-research shows women are attracted to smoking with underlying reasons like social acceptance and the way the cigarette sticks look is crucial for their usage. Read more

Smokefree education campuses around New Zealand has meant many people quit, exposure to second hand smoke is decreased for non-smokers. Read more

Pregnant women involved in this research were aware smoking cigarettes harms their baby and believe they are in control of their habit. One themed image that really made them think hard about their own smoking was unwell children affected by cigarette smoke from someone else. Read more