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Plain Packaging

Now known as ‘standardised packaging’ is a proposal to put tobacco products into plain packaging.

This would mean tobacco would only be sold in a generic drab colour, and without tobacco company branding, logos or colours. 

The people of the Pacific are colourful & vibrant. We are by nature, nuture and culture drawn to bright colours and visual stimulus. When our children see the bright colours they are drawn to them.

On 31 May the Government released a consultation document Standardised Tobacco Products and Packaging Draft Regulations – submissions for this consultation close on 29 July 2016.

The network run by Tala Pasifika – Pacific Smokefree Network – are currently feeding back with Tala Pasifika to submit on this group’s behalf. 

You can read more about the consultation process here.

Tobacco Tax

Increasing tobacco excise is one of the most effective measures to decrease the consumption of tobacco.

Article 6 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, "Price and Tax Measures to Reduce the Demand for Tobacco", recognises the importance of this policy and calls on governments to implement tax and price policies to contribute to their national health objectives.

Tobacco tax in New Zealand is set to increase by 10 per cent each year over the next four years.

Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Road Map

As a key member of the National Smokefree Working Group (NSFWG) Tala supports the Smokefree Aotearoa Roadmap. Immediate key priority areas are:

  • Increasing Effective Cessation 
  • Deliver comprehensive cessation services tailored to community needs
  • Increase tobacco control mass media 
  • Effective Legislation and Regulation 
  • Implement standardised tobacco packaging 
  • Increase the price of tobacco products through increased taxation 
  • Increasing Public Support 
  • Continue expansion of Smokefree environments 
  • Ensure New Zealanders know about Smokefree 2025 and support initiatives required to achieve it