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Working closely with Pacific Heartbeat, we have been able to create some engaging smokefree video content. Our approach has been positive utilising social media platforms that Pacific people connect with every day. We hope they will inspire youth and families to think about the harms of smoking whilst encouraging our people to seek help and advice should they need it to quit.

It's important we remind our people of the value in being or staying smokefree, foremost for themselves but of equal importance for their families ....

Sela and Pua know all too well that our people are smoking in their cars in front of family and young children who are then exposed to their smoke. Its dangerous to say the least..So in this clip, SnP are advocating for all cars here in New Zealand to be smokefree whilst 'encouraging' our people to stop and think about their actions.

The inspirational voices of our beautiful Pacific children. Please listen.

Starting is easy,
stopping is hard!

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