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The Pacific Smokefree Network (PSN) is a collective of 120 individuals representing around 60 organisations who come together with a common purpose of eliminating tobacco from Pacific Communities in Aotearoa.

In 2015/2016 there were five Fono (meetings), September, December, March, April and June. Our Terms of Reference were created at the first Fono.

The PSN communicates the needs of Pacific smokers to those that can affect change across the tobacco control sector, including government and non-government agencies and other relevant stakeholder groups. 

The network provides a platform for members to share and provide feedback or recommendations regarding Pacific smokefree issues as well as upskilling members with professional development opportunities, as identified by members. 

The PSN’s commitment is to advocate and represent, to collaborate and empower, to develop and support the Pacific tobacco control workforce towards achieving a smokefree Pacific population by 2025.

Topics covered included:

  • Professional development (advocacy, social media, CV and interviewing skills)
  • Stop smoking consumer projects
  • Members’ profiles
  • Conference learnings (including 2015 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference)
  • Update webinar sessions from MoH
  • National Training Service Certification
  • Sector issues raised via ‘what’s on top talanoa?’ sessions
  • Evaluation of attendance of the fonos has been overwhelmingly positive  

Members are also kept up to date through e-newsletters and social media.

Contact us for copies of presentations from the professional development sessions or for copies of past e-newsletters.

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