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Welcome to Tala Pasifika. Since our arrival into the Tobacco control space in 2009, we have been working alongside key stakeholder groups to champion Pacific leadership on tobacco issues. Our aim is to empower Pacific peoples to be actively involved in eliminating tobacco use from our communities.  

Our Name

The name Tala Pasifika translates to mean Pacific storytelling, to inform Pacific peoples and to converse in a Pacific way. Tala Pasifika is about making sure that the Pacific voice is heard and that diverse Pacific perspectives are represented as part of the talanoa for smokefree and tobacco elimination.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to see our Pacific people living healthy and Smokfree lives. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to support our Pacific peoples to live healthy and free from the burden created by tobacco smoking.  We want you to have your views on key tobacco issues, in policy development processes and we will support our communities to take action against tobacco smoking.


We are guided by 5 key principles:

The turtle is well-recognised throughout Polynesia and symbolic in its representation of different aspects like immortality, steadfast, leadership, strength, stability and creation. The use of the ‘fonu/laumei/onu/honu’ (turtle) on this website diagram recognises the commitment to being Pacific friendly in our content and service delivery for you, our audience.

The symbol of the turtle-hibiscus used on this site has no connection to any health model but the significance is tying our Pacific nations together as a collective with an image that people associate with. Cite link

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