Become a quitcards provider

If you are interested in helping people quit smoking, you may want to become a quitcards provider.  It means that you can distribute quitcards for sibsidised patches, gum and lozenges to people who want to quit smoking.

To become a quitcards provider, applicants must meet one of these two categories:

1.  Have completed a cessation practitioner training (CPT) with an approved training organisation; or

2.  Have completed ABC Online Training, and are one of the following:

  • a registered healthcare worker as per the Health Practitioner Competency Act (HPCA) list
  • a 4th - 6th year nursing student
  • an enrolled 3rd year nursing student
  • a DAPAANZ practitioner

Applicants are required to provide an organisation address. 

  • students may use the address of their education provider with their tutor's agreement
  • midwives, independent occupational therapists or locums are able to use their home address.  other applications requesting to use a home address will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • applicants must be a New Zealand resident.
  • applicants must have a secure place to store their quitcards.

Changing organsation or role

  • if your employment conditions change, your roles as quitcards provider may continue if the above criteria are met
  • you must contact the quitcards coordinator to update your details

For further information contact the Quitcards coordinator on 04 460 9880.